E-cigarette cover XS JEANS


Cover for small vapers (12.5 X 3.5 cm), MyBLU, VAPTIO C FLAT, INFINIX SMOK KIT, ICARE SOLO 320, IQ AIR, JUUL. It is made of cotton and resin-coated cord (74 cm).

Designed and handmade in Spain.

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E_cigarette case JEANS

XS cover have a size of 12.5 X 3.5 cm, with space for small vapers such as MyBLU, VAPTIO, SMOK, ICARE 140, IQ AIR., That’s why  your electronic cigarette remains safe and always by hand.

Besides, it is made on lightweight and easy-to-maintain cotton fabric, also with a resin-coated cotton cord to carry comfortably hanging (74 cm) to wear comfortably.

Designed and manufactured in Spain, with high quality materials and resistant stitching. That’s why you can take it without care in the bag or hanging.


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