Yolo Tattoo


Tatoo is snuffbox made in cotton, Robert Kaufman design fabric, light, practical. 100% Spanish design and manufacture, with compartments for nozzles, paper and bite (up to 50 gr).
The size of a purse, you can carry everything neat and by hand. It fits to the lighter and small rolling machines. Inner bag in EVA rubber, keeps the tobacco with the right humidity in everything from the first day to the last. Nozzles in a zippered pocket, you do not miss a single one.

Note: the image of the print varies depending on the cut of the fabric at the time of its manufacture, so every single bag is a completely unique model.

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Ideal size:17 x 8.5 cm, with space for nozzles, fine-cut smoking tobacco (“roll-your-own”) and paper. You can even save a lighter. You can directly measure the tobacco bag or with inner EVA rubber bag to put the tin tobacco while maintaining optimal humidity.

In cotton and cotton-polyester fabric, it is lightweight and easy to maintain

Designed and manufactured in Spain, with high quality materials and resistant stitching. Carelessly carry it in your trouser pocket.

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